Every wall is a door

“Every wall is a door.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

As many of you know by now, I am currently enrolled as a student at the Defense Information School located at FT. Meade, Maryland for a second MOS (Combat Camera) for the Army Reserves.

Our Basic Still Photography class is over and we are now, almost halfway done with Video. We have learned quite a bit and we have been busy. (I will upload photos from class and new images very soon. I promise!) We have PT every morning Monday through Friday.

I ripped my my left gastroc (calf muscle) during PT on May 12, 2014. I began a sprint and immediately felt what, feels like a “charlie horse” in my  calf, but, one that would not release… pretty painful.

I couldn’t put any body weight on my left leg and my leg immediately swelled and turned blue and purple, purple happens to be my favorite color, not so much in this case.




I was on crutches briefly, then a tall walking boot, I met with a specialist for therapy and I feel much better and have begun working out, specifically lifting weights again, but, only with my upper body. I cannot jog or run until September 2014.

I was intially pretty disappointed and upset with myself. Injuries are always unexpected, frustrating, inconvenient and annoying. Before this injury, I was seeing results in my running time, I had made running a focus the last few months here at school and I was getting faster, I was proud of myself and excited.

After hitting what felt like a wall with this injury, I realized I needed to focus on what I can do, not, what I cannot do. My upper body is already looking and feeler stronger and leaner than it has in quite awhile. I was forced to change my programming, training and nutrition.  Sometimes, things truly do happen for a reason.

I suspect, this time healing, resting my lower body and cleaning up my diet more will only make me and my calf stronger in the end. This may be my door.


A surprise gift from my deployed groom. It instantly made my day, the smallest gestures always mean so much.


If we did not have struggle, we would never learn to fight… and win.

Please, never stop looking for your door.

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