Destruction < Love

I rescued Sweet Pea about 30 days or so after I met my groom, over 5 years ago.

I was single and living alone and looking for a blue heeler. I heard about a Chihuahua breeder who was drowning puppies that were not the best of the litter. A friend of a friend’s friend broke in and saved a few.

I fell in love at first sight, she was just under 3 pounds and scared of everything.

This was taken a few days ago.


Eaten by Sweet Pea:

2 of Wes’s belts
2 of Tracy’s flip flops
$5 of Wes’s ( we were dating )
Toothbrush of Wes’s
Favorite black tee of Tracy’s
Kitchen table leg
Ottoman leg
Sleeping bag
Bed sheets
Carpet, new apartment rental
Bed sheets
Apple iphone charger of Tracy’s

My groom and I rescued Whiskey Tango from a local  shelter about 9 months ago.

We were looking to adopt a kitten as we live in an apartment. On the second visit to the shelter after not finding any kittens, my groom suggested we simply save a life.

We found Whiskey, about 8 pounds with 3 gorgeous looking litter mates. They had been found in a parking lot, local children were throwing rocks at them, they were believed to be about 4 weeks old. She was the ugliest one, so, I felt like we should adopt her, because I felt like no one else would. She was scared of everything, still is.

This was taken a few days ago.

What Whiskey has eaten:

Headphones, 1 each of ours
Wes’s eyeglasses ( both pairs )
TV plug
TV remote
Carpet in living room
Bed pillow
Dog bed ( her own )
Fabric on living room chairs
Window blinds in bedroom
Beach towels – 2
Flip flops – 4 different pairs
Laces on Wes’s running shoes
Tracy’s favorite black shirt
Strap on Wes’s assault pack ( it previously survived 2 tours in Irag )
Wes’s work socks – 4 pairs
Washing machine part
Ottoman leg
Bathroom rugs

As you can easily see, the material and monetary destruction has been substantial. But, our love for them is far greater. We would easily go without anything for them. They are each a part of our family. And, what is a little destruction between family?

Please rescue, foster and adopt when you can.

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