1 life. 1 body. 1 choice.

“One life. One body. One choice.”- Tracy McKithern

I made up this quote a few years ago when I was a full time personal trainer working in a large “globo gym”. We only have one body and I believe the happier and healthier your body is the happier and healthier your brain and heart become. A fit lifestyle, to include good clean food, and consistent exercise have been an integral part of my entire life.

As I grow older, 42 in 2 short months, I now believe the health and happiness of your brain and heart translates to your body, it is a two way street. I have suffered devastating injuries and devastating heart breaks. It has taken time for every hurt and injury to heal. Some injuries, like my spine may never be the same, but, I keep driving on. I have had my body fat as low as 15 and as high as 30, I have had a Deadlift as high as 405 pounds (personal record) and as low as 65 pounds after an injury.

In my personal life, I have been married and divorced endured terrible circumstances as a child and enjoyed some of the happiest moments of my life at varying degrees of body fat levels and personal strength records. Life is indeed what you make of it. Here are some images of me and my spine taken this morning.





We have one life, one body and one choice. Please make yours healthy and happy.

Please visit www.tracymckithernphotography.com
For more galleries, bio and contact information.

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