you make our todays

“Knowing you will be with me in all my tomorrows makes my todays so wonderful.”


Wes, my husband and I met at the “Cross Eyed Seagull”, a bar in San Antonio Texas in November 2008. I was out with a wonderful friend named Sarah, Wes was out with a group of friends who had been at “WurstFest” all day.

It was late in the night, I was ready to go home. Wes was wearing a ridiculous German hat with a feather on it, he walked ( stumbled ) up to me with his gorgeous blue eyes, held out his blackberry and said,

” I am from Houston, what is the area code here?”

I said, ” 210.”

He said, ” Great, can I have the rest of your number?”

He instantly made me laugh and I instantly gave him a fake phone number. After hours of his persistence and after hours of Wes making me laugh I ultimately gave him my correct phone number.

Since we lived in different cities our first date was 30 days later at a bungee jump park in Dallas Texas for my birthday, my idea.

We saw each other fairly regularly until I entered basic training and then AIT in April of 2009. Wes wrote me letters everyday. For those of you who may not know this, cell phones, radios, newspapers and televisions are forbidden in training, we are cutoff completely from the outside world. Wes, knowing this as he was a veteran, created packets of information for me every week, he called it “The McKithern Report”, it was full of news, comics, horoscopes, song lyrics and funny stories. It was amazing and sweet.

After my return home, about 6 months later, I moved to Houston to be with him and live with him, he was in college there. I proposed to him late one day, we were up talking about nothing important, I was laying on his chest, he was on his back, our bed was right by our bedroom window, light was hitting his eyes and face in such a beautiful way … luckily, he said yes.

After a tiny wedding on a beach in Texas we moved to San Antonio then Austin. Our 3 year wedding anniversary is September 18, 2013. We have 2 incredibly spoiled dogs who adore him just as much as I do.

He has a ton of traveling coming up with the Army very soon, our tiny family will not be the same and we will miss him dearly, but, knowing that he will share our tomorrows with us when he returns, makes our todays so wonderful.





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