Jo’s coffee

” I love you so much.”

I have always been a fan of expressing my feelings for my groom and my loved ones every chance I get even in a public way. Life is short and well, why not?

Amy Cook sprayed a message of love and support to her girlfriend, Liz Lambert, who was having a bad day on a wall of her coffee shop. ( Jo’s Hot Coffee & Good Food on South Congress Avenue in Austin Texas in July 2010. )


The wall has been vandalized and restored twice to my knowledge. I love the mint green wall and the lipstick red paint, it is a simple and sweet message. It has become a bit of an iconic spot with countless photos taken by it daily.

Here are ours taken by our friend Josie Carlson.


The food, coffee, live music, message and atmosphere make it a place we love and hope you get to see for yourself.

And to my groom who is about to be traveling with the Army quite a bit, thank you for taking these with me unexpectedly on a busy intersection at the hottest time of a Texan day in the heart of Summer, I love you so much.


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