reason to laugh

When a puppy is in your life there is always a reason to laugh.

We rescued Whiskey Tango this past April, it is amazing to me how fast and how big she has become in such a short period of time. It is equally mind blowing to think about how many of our prized possessions she has eaten and destroyed in such a short period of time.

Unsure of what type of breed ( or
breeds ) she is, we decided to buy some tennis balls, find an isolated nearby body of water, pack up the jeep and Sweet Pea and find out if she liked swimming. My groom noticed her paws are webbed one day when he was playing with her.

I, the over protective mother who wants Whiskey and Pea to live in a bubble soon found myself laughing…












Whiskey was a natural swimmer who fetched in the water and ran full speed in endless circles for about 2 hours straight. She had fun and we found ourselves laughing with her and at her.

Please foster and rescue when you can, there will always be a reason to laugh if you do.

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