Heart bestowed

“A dog has one aim in life… to bestow his heart.”
– JR Ackerley

We recently lost 2 loved pet cats. They were adored, spoiled, fun loving, sweet cats who loved to go outside from time to time. We live in a small community, so, they were safe for years. As is the case with most cats who are allowed to live and play outside of their home, they can have shorter live spans because life for a cat can be dangerous. We still look for them everyday.

After some time to grieve for them we decided to rescue and adopt another kitten. We live in a pretty spacious 2 bedroom apartment, we had considered a puppy, but, since we have a chihuahua, we planned for our next puppy to be of the big dog breed variety.

After what appeared to be the second wasted trip to Animal Care Services, all the kittens there were too young to be fostered or adopted; my groom sat down on a bench near a dog kennel and spoke of our future plans together and said, let’s safe a life today.

All of our pets have been rescues so, of course I did not need a second to reconsider. Taking Sweet Pea ( 4 year old puppy ) into account, we settled on a female puppy of unknown breed. They say she is a German shepherd mix, but, only time will allow this to unfold. Looking at her feet, our planned house may have to be purchased for us sooner than later.

She, her sister & 2 brothers were found abandoned on the streets, they were caught in a parking lot. They were believed to be 2 months old, they had been in the shelter for 3 full days before we met them.







These were taken just 5 days of her first day with us. We named her Whiskey Tango. Whiskey is for Wes & Tango is for Tracy using the alphabet the Army uses. We both proudly serve, so, it seemed fitting to us.

We are already madly in love with her, she has filled her “one aim in life.”

Please rescue, through adoption we can safe a life. We cannot save them all, but, we can save one, one at a time.


Whiskey Tango wrapped in the sofa on day 2 with us.

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