Heart bestowed

“A dog has one aim in life… to bestow his heart.”
– JR Ackerley

We recently lost 2 loved pet cats. They were adored, spoiled, fun loving, sweet cats who loved to go outside from time to time. We live in a small community, so, they were safe for years. As is the case with most cats who are allowed to live and play outside of their home, they can have shorter live spans because life for a cat can be dangerous. We still look for them everyday.

After some time to grieve for them we decided to rescue and adopt another kitten. We live in a pretty spacious 2 bedroom apartment, we had considered a puppy, but, since we have a chihuahua, we planned for our next puppy to be of the big dog breed variety.

After what appeared to be the second wasted trip to Animal Care Services, all the kittens there were too young to be fostered or adopted; my groom sat down on a bench near a dog kennel and spoke of our future plans together and said, let’s safe a life today.

All of our pets have been rescues so, of course I did not need a second to reconsider. Taking Sweet Pea ( 4 year old puppy ) into account, we settled on a female puppy of unknown breed. They say she is a German shepherd mix, but, only time will allow this to unfold. Looking at her feet, our planned house may have to be purchased for us sooner than later.

She, her sister & 2 brothers were found abandoned on the streets, they were caught in a parking lot. They were believed to be 2 months old, they had been in the shelter for 3 full days before we met them.







These were taken just 5 days of her first day with us. We named her Whiskey Tango. Whiskey is for Wes & Tango is for Tracy using the alphabet the Army uses. We both proudly serve, so, it seemed fitting to us.

We are already madly in love with her, she has filled her “one aim in life.”

Please rescue, through adoption we can safe a life. We cannot save them all, but, we can save one, one at a time.


Whiskey Tango wrapped in the sofa on day 2 with us.

One Word… Fight

“One word: Fight. Anyone can do it when it feels good, but when you’re hurting, that’s when it makes a difference, so you have to keep fighting.”
—Erin Cafaro

I have been a certified personal trainer for over 12 years. I have met, worked with and worked out with a countless number of people of various journeys. I, as many I suspect, always root for the underdog. I am always motivated by and inspired by the individual who has been knocked down by life and/or injury. The struggle is what builds our character, the adversity is what builds our “muscle”. The fight is what makes us strong.

I recently had the pure pleasure of photographing Erika on 2 different days over 4 locations.










The last photo was inspired by her inspiration, Christmas Abbott. We shot it early in the morning on a bit of a whim, in less than 3 minutes, in front of a dumpster near a place of business receiving a delivery from a famous soda company, needless to say, the world almost lost a Pepsi delivery man due to some whip leash and disbelief.

Never stop form arising from a fall of any kind. Injuries heal, life goes on and the fight is worth it. One word:Fight.



Happiness is on the way…

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”
– Robert A. Heinlein


This photo shoot was extra special to me because of the location.


I suggested a park that I love to visit with my 4 year old chiuahua Sweet Pea. For those of you who do not know me, my Sweet Pea is my happy. No matter what is going on in my life, good , bad, indifferent, my puppy is my constant, she is my happy. I cannot imagine my life without her. For me her happiness is essential to my own.

Hayley and Justin are beautiful, fun loving with one another and easy to photograph. This is their first baby and they chose to leave the gender of the baby a surprise.

As with most photo shoots, I find not everything goes according to plan, if you keep an open mind and live in the moment you will always end up with a beautiful, unexpected, unplanned photo.









Justin suggested this as we walked around talking and laughing. It is one of my new favorites.

No matter the gender of this baby, I am confident they will feel loved, protected and happy. Their “extra” happiness is on the way.





Not enough time with Moe

Pets live such short lives; it often seems so unfair. We adopted a cat who was named Moe. We named him Moe-Lasses McKithern. He was an incredibly soft black & white cat with golden eyes and he was chubby throughout his life with us.

The photo from Eydie that made me fall in love with Moe.

We have a wonderful friend named Eydie who fosters animals regularly, it is not uncommon for her to post photos of them on Facebook and it is not uncommon for me to want to adopt all of them.

At the time of her post, we lived in Houston, after filling my groom’s cell phone for about 48 hours of photos of Moe, my groom agreed to drive the 4 1/2 hours to adopt him.

Moe was found starving in a dumpster, his family, around him, did not make it. He was found filthy & weak, Eydie nursed him back to health & we spoiled him rotten every chance we could. His back legs were pretty weak for awhile, we assume because he was starved so early in his life. Eydie said he reminded her of baby Bambi trying to walk on the ice, sad but cute at the same time.

Moe was full of love on his terms, and full of neuroticism. He was crazy but we adored him. We adopted him in July of 2010.


Our Microsoft technician checking the output levels of our systems.




He always made me laugh



He loved to make a purring sound and throw himself on the floor when he knew you were coming


How I would often wake up ( they are both on my belly )


Moe could make himself comfortable regardless of time or location


….Even if being comfortable meant pinning others down.


Napping with my hubby


He loved to be tickled….for a very specific amount of time.


How our neighbors often saw him



The last photo I took of him on March 25, he was feeling a little neglected, so I stopped editing and went to play with him….glad I did.

Moe loved to sleep and cuddle with us in bed. He weighed 14 pounds, so, he would often pin us down by laying on our blankets. He often chewed our toes in the middle of the night, whined for absolutely no reason and chased the tiny plastic balls with bells in them for hours at a time.

He eventually grew into an amazing hunter as he loved to spend time outside. We live in a small community so our neighbors all knew him. He was often seen playing in trees and chasing and killing birds, spiders and field mice. I often heard, “that cat of yours….”.

Recently he brought home a field mouse, I made my groom bury him in the woods nearby. Just Saturday, he brought home one of the biggest moths I have ever seen. I was debating whether to make my groom bury him too. When we noticed that Moe was not around, we instantly began our search. We last saw him Saturday morning. It is now Tuesday morning and the first thing on my mind when I awoke was to look for him at the back door, sadly he is not there. He often treated us as doormen. He would whine to go out, then whine to come back in, sometimes within minutes.

We have no idea where he is or if we will ever see him again. I could not be more heartbroken.

Pets live such short lives, so please get up right now and hug & kiss yours for us & Moe. We did not have enough time with Moe. We hope wherever he is he is safe, warm, dry, healthy and knows we adored him.