Command CrossFit, the reward?

The reward for doing well is the ability to express your fitness in everyday life.

Coach Greg Glassman, with Lauren Glassman, developed the program that we now refer to as CrossFit in 2000. No matter how you feel about the program or the individuals who founded the program, no one can deny the impact it has had on the fitness community. Their web site was launched in 2001 with a blog that changed the way that we think about food and exercise. The “CrossFit Games” have been held every summer since 2007.

I discovered CrossFit in late 2003 and began to embrace it in 2006 which ultimately led me to my first level 1 certification in 2008 at CrossFit One World. I met and worked out with Freddy Camacho, Coach Mike Burgener, Eva T., Nicole Carroll, Allison Bishop and Jolie Gentry. They each made a huge impact on my understanding of fitness and I hopefully made an impact on the athletes I helped coach over the years.

Me and Coach Mike Burgener

Me and Nicole Carroll

Me, Eva Twardokens and Kim

Me, Allison Bishop and Kim

A series of spine injuries forced me to stop coaching and training. Although this was painful and disheartening, I never gave up. My injuries have taught me quite a bit about the importance of good training and good coaching. I believe when our bodies are fit, our minds are fit. When this occurs, I believe everything in life is more enjoyable and our possibilities are endless.

I am happy to announce that I am returning to CrossFit as a coach in a brand new box here in San Antonio, Texas. Command CrossFit will be opening soon and I look forward to sharing more details with you. Until then, here is some of the brand new equipment waiting for you.

The reward for doing well is the ability to express your fitness in everyday life.

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