Will to protect

“The will to protect is much stronger than the will to destroy.” ~Unknown

There was a terrible tragedy yesterday in Newton, Connecticut and it was heavily covered by all of the media and social media; it was hard to escape. Many of us felt extreme sadness and anger and were forced to question the evil that exists in the world. Some say the world has become ugly, cold and mean. I think the world is the same as it has always been, but with technology today, we hear about it faster than ever in history. That is our new challenge among many. Our hearts, thoughts and wishes of well-being go out to all the victims, families and friends today and every day.

World events have a way of uniting us like nothing else. I heard many family members and friends going out of their way yesterday to meet up with their loved ones just to give a hug and a kiss while telling them how much they love them. The will to protect and the will to love is stronger than the will to destroy. I believe it and I often see it. With that said, I recently took photos of a father and son in Houston and their images remain close to my heart. I would like to share them with you.

I believe love is why we are here and I believe the will to protect our own will always be stronger than the will to destroy. Please take a moment to share your time and love with your family and friends as tomorrow is not guaranteed.