Frustration & Love

“Frustration and love can’t exist in the same place at the same time, so get real and start doing what you would rather be doing in life. Love is your life. All of it. Even the heavy shit that happened to you when you were 8. All of it was and IS perfect.” ~Jason Mraz

My groom and I have been huge fans of Jason Mraz since we met about 4 years ago. Some of our best memories together include Jason Mraz’s music blaring in the background. For those of you who may not know who he is, he is an American singer and songwriter. We were fortunate enough to be able to travel to see him perform live in Houston this past August. He was incredible.

Photographs and music are an integral part of my life. Art in any form can inspire and sometimes touch our souls. We each live one life, and none of our lives are perfect; we each suffer through hard times and we push on. We must push on. Though I have felt frustrated many times in my life, love has always helped me to see a way through. Love from my friends, mother, family and my groom are the voices I cherish. Their love is my life and art is my life.

Photography for me is an art form. When your memories fade, you can always look back at a photo and remember how special you are and how special the people in your life were and are. Please listen to good music, forget your frustration for love, cherish your photographs, and “live in the moment”…



My groom & me on the lawn waiting for Jason Mraz to perform on 8/12/12.


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