Visible Soul

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.”

Jean Cocteau


Our home suffered an emergency last month but thankfully we are all safe and although it was devastating and upsetting for a while, I now know that things could have been much worse. We are still putting our home back together and still in the process of replacing lost furniture, clothing and personal items.

A lot of our furniture and belongings are now sitting in the dining room in various boxes and bags. We are awaiting new flooring in the bedrooms and needless to say this building has not felt like a home, much less “our home,” for a few weeks now. We had to sleep on a sleeping bag in the living room for a few days. Yes, all of us, 2 cats, 1 spoiled rotten puppy, my husband and me.

With so much going on in our home, I had not felt inspired in any way whatsoever and editing photos and/or taking photos were impossible for me. I do most of my editing at home listening to music and enjoying the company and distractions of our pets. Because our home suffered so much damage, all of our pets had to leave us for a few days here and there at a time. We are grateful and lucky that they stayed with a great friend who adores them as much as we do. We knew they were all being pampered in the way they are accustomed to and that too could have been worse. Fortunately, they are all back.

My husband, even working full time, has been incredibly supportive and helpful in many ways. So much so, that just this morning upon waking up to fresh hot coffee made by him and left for me I noticed my pets sleeping on the sofa and immediately grabbed my now dusty camera.

Moe’s sleeping feet, his dirty little paws immediately brought a smile to my face.



My shutter and presence awoke the cats, after a little love from me, they repositioned themselves for more sleep.



A close up of Moe hugging Stan’s belly. (:




Pea never moved.



This morning was the first time I felt motivated and inspired to take a photo and edit a photo. I have my pets to thank as I realize they are what make our home our home. They make its soul visible.

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