Our Brew

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin


As a Buddhist and a happy bride, I look forward to the days when I can sit back relax and enjoy the company of my groom and friends and family, most of the time this also includes a good cold beer. Nothing, except my groom can bring a smile to my face faster than a good beer. A good quality beer makes me happy.

As a couple we have been very lucky in finding one another and always have reason to celebrate something in our lives. A lot of our celebrations include good quality cold beer. We have been fortunate enough in our lives to try imported beer from all over the world on many occasions and have tasted “works of art” in a bottle. We recently discovered that a good batch demands time, effort, patience, love and an understanding of basic science. A lot of things in life require the same.

Here are some photos of our first batch.


The bottles are freshly sanitized and ready for the beer from the barrel, much like soldiers.


Once the beer enters each bottle, it must be capped and conditioned for weeks in and out of the refrigerator.


My groom set up an assembly line.


The capping process.


All ready to condition for weeks.


The time, effort, love and patience required to make our first brew made us happy. Regardless of the taste of our first brew, it is another thing we have done together and will continue to do and I am proud of it. We look forward to sharing our brew with friends and family to increase their happy and share ours.







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