iStock, fear and me

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help you are freed.” Buddha


I have been a Buddhist for almost 15 years, what drew me to Buddhism was the idea of constantly attempting to create a better you and the concept of karma. Buddhism has taught me many things over the years, I agree with a lot of its basic teachings. I try to live for moments, I try to be selfless, I try to not be materialistic and I try to always help others over myself. My life’s goal is to leave this world slightly better than how I found it. This ideal has led me to pursue 3 different careers in my now almost 41 years of age.

What drew me to photography was the idea of capturing moments for families to enjoy, celebrate and treasure. I would like to help people always remember the many joys in their lives, whether it be through a wedding, celebrating a new infant, capturing a day in a family, a loved pet or various portraits. My photography business has just celebrated its 1 year anniversary and I have acquired quite a few returning clients. I have not reached the point in my business where I am ready to open my own studio separate from my home, though it is on the horizon. I would like to continue to reach clients I have never met and “get my name out there”.

Someone suggested selling photos on iStock as a way to make a little extra money and help “get my name out there”. I have a natural tendency to jump into new ideas head on, and then second guess. I usually ignore the second guess and eventually enjoy the decision. I became a member of iStock yesterday, true to form, I was initially thrilled, and fear and a feeling of inadequacy soon overwhelmed me. I am self-taught, so after looking through their screening and application process I felt very much like a kinder gardener looking at graduate students.

After talking to my groom about it last night and this morning, I decided to begin the long process. I have some material to read, pass a quiz and submit 3 photos of what I feel my best work is. That to me is like picking a favorite child, I have narrowed down 3 photos, I have my clients’ permission, model releases and waivers and well wish ready to go.





No matter what happens approved or not, we cannot let the fear of failure or new things overwhelm us. Buddhism teaches that the saddest summary of life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.”





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