Let a family begin

“Marriage is the agreement to let a family happen.” BETTY JANE WYLIE, Family: An Exploration

As a photographer and a Buddhist I treasure the simple pleasures in life. I have had the pleasure of capturing “moments in time” of happy couples before a wedding, at a wedding, at a party or spending time with their children or each other. Families come in many shapes and sizes and no relationship is the same though I have seen some common threads that stitch their families together like kindness and laughter.

My husband Wes and I have been married for just over 20 months, I know this because we celebrate our wedding anniversary every 30 days. (We lived together for a year before we married.) The celebrations are not elaborate, a dressed up dinner out is rare; it is usually a homemade breakfast in bed or a homemade meal at home with good quality Belgium beer. (We are beer snobs.)

For us, the simple act of celebrating so often keeps us close. We try to always say please and thank you and we try to never take the other for granted. We try to never scream of use profanity in front of one another or at each other. Because of my husband’s current school schedule we often spend 18 hours a day together, every day. We never run out of things to say to one another and we laugh constantly. We have 3 adopted pets, each is spoiled rotten and we love them more than words can allow me to describe. We have become a family.

Families come in all shapes and sizes and your kindness and laughter may show itself in your relationships (and families) in different ways than ours does, but, if you are happy it is there. Here are some of my favorite couple/family moments.

Jessica and Geoff, engagement photo shoot, her laugh was genuine and the love they feel for one another can be felt in the air.


Eydie and Chris, holiday card photo shoot, she was pregnant with their 3rd child and they have wonderful senses of humor as you can see.


Sandy, Marc and Adin, family photo shoot, they are one of the loveliest, kindest couples I have ever met. I think you can feel it just by looking at this image.


Christina and Mike, maternity photo shoot, they were just about to have their first child. I will never forget how caring, kind and attentive he was to her, it was incredibly sweet.


Mike and Nicola, family photo shoot, I absolutely love the look in her eyes, they didn’t know I was taking this photo, their 2 young boys were running wild, Wes was trying to get them to come back.


Mollie and James, engagement photo shoot, they are both wrestlers, I especially love this because it was just after a MMA fight pose.


Me and Wes, couple photo shoot, I still feel this way, I love him with my entire heart, even when he forgets to pull the shower curtain back after a shower. (I will share more in a future blog.)


No matter the shape or size of your family, if you let love in, a family will begin, find yours and never let them go.

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